Cash and credit information. Further information about our information

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Cash and credit information. Further information about our information

Data and data by theme

Credit and money

Cash and credit information

We publish statistics on borrowing and deposits by households and organizations from banking institutions as well as other sources. These data are employed by our policy committees to know trends that are economic developments into the bank operating system.

Further factual statements about our data:

  • Total lending to people data
  • Bank’s estimate of housing equity withdrawal information
  • Commercial analysis of financial banking institutions deposits and data that are lending
  • Records and coin and reserves balances information
  • M0 information
  • M3 (estimate of European union that is monetary when it comes to UK) information
  • M4 data
  • M4 excluding intermediate other monetary corporations (OFCs) information
  • Counterparts to M4 data
  • Liquid assets outside M4 information
  • Sectoral analysis of M4 and M4 financing information
  • Sectoral deposits and Divisia cash information
  • Monetary financial institutions (excluding bank that is central stability sheet information
  • Monetary banking institutions (excluding bank that is central holdings of British federal federal government securities information
  • Central bank’s stability sheet (Bank of England ‘Bank return’) data
  • Monetary institutions that are financial consolidated stability sheet (and contributions) information
  • Monetary financial institutions’ securitisation tasks and issuance of securities by SPVs information
  • Monetary institutions that are financial loans to non-financial organizations, by measurements of company information
  • Write-offs along with other revaluations of loans by financial finance institutions information
  • Revisions
  • Modifications, flows, growth rates information
  • Regular modification information
  • Break-adjusted amounts information

Connect to lenders and administrators data

The amount of money and credit information includes data that are monthly the amount of home loan financing to households. More in depth quarterly information on home loan financing are available in the mortgage brokers and Administrators release that is statistical Return below. Please also see below Statistics article comparing the Bank’s various data on mortgages.

Sterling money market data

Quarterly information on secured and unsecured sterling cash market task.

Effective rates of interest

Each we publish data on effective interest rates month. These reveal average interest rates across households and organizations deposit or loan accounts with British banks and building communities.

Economic markets, earnings, and business that is external

We publish regular data on monetary markets, Monetary Financial Institutions’ (MFI) earnings and expenditure, and MFIs’ outside balance sheets. Included in these are quarterly information on UK-owned MFIs’ consolidated claims that are worldwide and quarterly information on UK resident MFIs’ income and spending, monetary derivative roles, and claims and liabilities with non-residents. We also publish month-to-month quotes of capital issuance where UK resident MFIs behave as the issuing agents.

Capital issuance

Capital issuance data include UK-based main market issuance of bonds, commercial paper and equity, representing finance raised in the united kingdom.

External company of economic finance institutions (MFIs) running in the united kingdom

This release that is statistical claims on and liabilities to non-residents by UK-resident banking institutions and building communities (economic banking institutions).

Consolidated all over the world claims

This release that is statistical the consolidated global claims and unused commitments of UK-owned monetary banking institutions (excluding main bank) and their branches and subsidiaries global.

Money spending

Money spending information measure MFIs money spending on acquisitions, and money receipts from disposals, covering assets both for organizations’ very very very own use as well as renting, Virginia payday loans laws employing or leasing away under finance leases.

Make reference to part ‘Monetary finance institutions in the uk: Capital `expenditure’, sourced from our database

Launch times

  • 11 2020 (June 2020 data august)
  • 11 2020 (September 2020 data november)
  • 12 2021 (December 2020 data february)

Earnings and expenditure

Information on UK-resident MFIs income that is spending are published on a quarterly foundation in Bankstats table B3.1 and therefore are comparable with numbers that feed into the united kingdom National makes up the MFI sector. Information on UK MFIs’ loss and profit declaration can be found on yearly foundation in Bankstats table B3.2.

Yearly reweighting regarding the sterling trade rate index

The financial institution of England carries away an annual enhance of this sterling trade rate index loads. The sterling exchange rate index (ERI) is a way of measuring the general improvement in the trade-weighted change worth of sterling, determined by weighting together bilateral exchange prices. It really is built to determine alterations in the cost competitiveness of traded products or services, so the weights mirror trade flows in manufactured products or services.

Triennial return survey of foreign currency and OTC derivatives areas

The lender of England carries down and posts link between a study in the turnover within the areas for foreign currency and over-the-counter (OTC) rate of interest derivatives every 36 months. It types section of a survey that is global away by main banking institutions across the world, coordinated because of the financial institution for Global Settlements.

The results that are UK past studies are present below:

Regulatory information

Mortgage brokers and administrators data

The Mortgage Lenders and Administrators Return (MLAR) is just a quarterly release that is statistical from information on home loan lending tasks provided by around 340 regulated lenders and administrators.

backlink to Money and Credit release that is statistical

The funds and Credit data includes month-to-month information in the number of home loan financing to households, together with quoted and effective interest information provides month-to-month information on many different home loan prices. Please see below links to analytical launch and Statistics article comparing the Bank’s various information on mortgages.

Banking sector capital that is regulatory

This quarterly release that is statistical degrees of money and risk-weighted assets when it comes to UK banking sector. It offers breakdowns of this motions in various tiers of money and risk exposure types, and general money ratios.

After the PRA declaration on 2 April 2020, to increase the reporting deadline of key regulatory comes back, the book of this Banking sector regulatory capital – 2020 Q1 statistical release happens to be delayed by 30 days. This analytical launch will now be posted on 3 August 2020, in place of 3 July 2020. For more information, see Covid-19 regulatory reporting and disclosure amendments.

Credit unions

The credit union (quarterly and yearly) data are aggregated from comes back submitted by authorised credit unions in the uk.

The credit union quarterly statistics are statistics aggregated through the quarterly (CQ) returns submitted by authorised credit unions in britain

The credit union yearly data are data aggregated through the yearly (CY) returns submitted by authorised credit unions in the uk

Option-implied likelihood thickness functions

We publish regular quotes of likelihood thickness functions for future values associated with the FTSE 100 index and sterling that is short prices.

Yield curves

We publish daily believed yield curves when it comes to British. We create three forms of estimated yield curves: a group according to British Government Bonds, a collection centered on sterling interbank price (LIBOR) and instruments connected to LIBOR, and a collection centered on sterling instantly index swap (OIS) rates.

Silver and banknotes

Our information includes exactly just how gold that is much take care of and exactly how quite a few banknotes come in blood supply.

Information quality

Statistical Code of Practice

The Statistical Code of Practice sets away our requirements when it comes to collection, compilation and dissemination of financial, economic and data that are regulatory. These requirements act like the people utilized by the British Statistics Authority.

Data Quality Framework

Definitions of statistical information quality are maintained by worldwide figures including the Overseas Monetary Fund, the un Economic Commission for European countries and also the Statistical that is european System. The Data Quality Framework (2014) defines exactly how we interprets data that are statistical principles within our posted data.

Cost advantage analysis

In 2005-06 we looked over the total amount of expenses between reviewing current analytical outputs frequently and evaluating statistics that are new. We desired to produce more considered assessments but needed to balance that with the reporter’s conformity expenses. Our approach is explained within the analysis that is cost-benefit of and economic data (2006). The concept of evaluating the total amount between expenses and advantage once we create data nevertheless is applicable.

Exactly what does the financial institution of England do also incorporates helpful details about just how our information is used.


Please e-mail DSD_Editor if any enquiries are had by you from the statistics above.

Please see the historical type of the web site (National Archives) for any analytical releases and articles published just before 2015.

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